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Explore the full range of specialty products from GLB®. From removing phosphates to treating pink deposits, each one is designed to help you maintain beautiful pool water so you can make the most out of every pool day.

GLB® Nano-Phos

Tab in, phosphate out! NANO-PHOS, the first phosphate remover in tablet form, providing superior performance and the ultimate in convenience. Each tablet dissolves with much less clouding than liquid products.

– Contains a rare-Earth salt blend for quick dissolving.

– Use Nano-Phos in your pool skimmer.

– Compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces.

Available Size: 8.8 oz.

GLB® PhosFIGHT® Plus

This concentrated, multi-functional product clarifies pool water, prevents waterline build-up, removes phosphates and minimizes algae blooms—all with half the dosing when compared to competitive products.

– Contains enzymes, clarifiers and a phosphate remover.

– Use PhosFIGHT® Plus weekly to keep water clean and clear.

– Compatible with all pool sanitizers and surfaces.

Available Size: 32 fl. oz.

GLB® Vanquish® Deposit Control

Vanquish® is specially formulated to treat the pink, white and clear deposits that accumulate on pool walls and in plumbing.

– Contains specialized clarifiers.

– Compatible with all pool surfaces.

– Compatible with all sanitizers.

Available size: 32 fl. oz.